GAIA | the story behind our latest design

GAIA | the story behind our latest design

Our jewels are inspired by stories that we know and live, stories with which we were born, and living or dead nature. Our latest creation, the Gaia River Pearls Hoop Earrings, hide a myth too; one that transports us to the creation of worlds.

Gaia earrings represent the earth and the creation of the universe. Its pearls are natural, born directly from the rivers and its shape, conceived at random, is subject only to the ambitions of nature, which makes each pearl unique.

“Plant a seed of 'Peace' and let Gaia take care of herself don't try to fathom or comprehend her magnificence.” ― Syed Sharukh

Greek mythology tells that, at first, there was only chaos; also known as emptiness, darkness, or confusion. From that nothing, Mother Earth emerged, in the form of Gaia or Gea: the first deity and creator of the universe.

As Gaia felt lonely, she begat Uranus, the sky, who covered her body with blue and stars and protected her. She later created Ponto, the sea, who traveled the world completely, covering it with water.

And so, adding a simple and classic design to turn them into a special jewel, our earrings become yet another creation of the Goddess Gaia; a whim of nature and of Mother Earth.