Embrasse Moi? | 9 jewels to give (you) on Valentine's Day

Embrasse Moi? | 9 jewels to give (you) on Valentine's Day


On February 14, love is celebrated. Love can manifest itself in different ways, there are one-night stands, there are lifelong loves, there are short-term loves ... For all those loves we present our selection of favorite jewels. Do not forget to give a gift to show that person you are in love with how important they are in your life.As its name indicates, the Mon Amour Pendant is perfect to give your heart to that person you love.

Giving jewelry is always a good idea; In each piece a certain sentimentality is kept, the intention of the person who gives and an idea that it is something unique, as a fact for the person who will receive it. Our timeless designs are cared for with care and affection. There is nothing better than celebrating Valentine's Day by giving a jewel made with a lot of love, which can become part of you for years; which could not make us happier.

"Could love be considered an art in itself?"
Mónica Cavallé

We have selected 8 unique pieces to give away this day:

Inspired by the goddess of beauty, sensuality and love, our Aphrodite earrings are that classic staple that can last for generations. Following in the same line of classic and indispensable earrings, the Half Sphere Fna Earrings will be your new favorites; You will wear them so much that you will not understand how you have been able to live without them!



It is often said that pearls attract luck and fortune; so our pieces with natural pearls could not be missing in this selection. The Lolita River Pearls Hoop Earrings or The Gaia River Pearls could not be more versatile and flattering; In addition, each pearl is different from each other, so you will always have a unique and special jewel. If that's not enough, complete it with the River Pearls Lolita Necklace, the eternal favorite because it has a classic design that survives beyond fashions and generations.


Thicker chains are perfect for highlighting any neckline. The Capri Chain is one of our special editions: it evokes the jewels of Classical Greece and is super striking. Continuing with more chains that you will not take off any day of the year, the Cadaques Chain is a snake chain that thanks to its flat profile enhances the neckline and does not get tangled.



And finally your favorite: the Fresh Rose Special Edition Pendant. Being natural roses, each flower is different and special. A delicate and romantic necklace. This year instead of giving a bouquet of roses, make it a little more original!