Give Alhaja

Give Alhaja

a gift guide for your friends

There are friends that we consider part of our family. From that idea was born "Give Alhaja", our gift manual for that family that is chosen. 



We all have an adventurous friend, the one who is always on the road and who doesn't stop still; that you travel the world on foot, with your clothes on. His photos of places around the world flood the WhatsApp group, and his instagram looks like a travel guide. Half the time she will envy you (but the healthy one), and the other half you will be willing to meet her so she can tell you about her comings and goings and give you that point of spontaneity that we all need. If you do not know what to give him, we are sure that he will adore our Cadaques chain and ours Lavender Pendant: versatile and combinable jewels.

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Perhaps the minimalist friend is the most difficult when it comes to giving gifts: in her closet there are only four types of garments, and her color range only goes from black to white, going through gray and beige if she has a creative day. Look for inspiration in every breath of air, and find happiness by reading a book in a natural environment. She adores her mother's jewelry, and whenever she goes to see her, she ends up raiding her jewelry box, looking for something vintage to match her day-to-day life. Therefore, we know that you will find in our Lolita Horizontal Pearl Pendant Y Lolita Hoop Earrings River pearls timeless jewelery that you will never want to take off.

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This friend spends all day in the office, from meeting to meeting with her hands glued to a computer keyboard. She has always been the most responsible of all and, in reality, you all knew that she would end up being a successful person. She is always very busy and you hardly see her; And if one day you meet her on the street, she will surely be stopping a taxi with a steaming coffee in hand. Even so, he will always do his best to save you a little hole. What your executive friend needs this Christmas is a Harloom special edition forks; They are comfortable as well as very cute and will give a special touch to each of your outfits.

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We all have a creative friend, who makes up thousands of stories and. at times, it really seems to come from another planet. Find inspiration anywhere, and is able to capture it in various ways, both with brushstrokes and in verse form. He is a free soul, who lives by the day and who believes that his steps are marked by chance. We know that our Sardines Seal Ring It will captivate you: fish symbolize freedom, and your Creative friend is something you can never miss.

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