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Álvaro Romero, @alvaro_romero.r

At Alhaja we try to give visibility to beautiful things that beautiful people do. This project wants to support artists who deserve to be seen and recognized. Every week we will tell you a little more about people who have a special gift and we will take a closer look at their work and projects. Welcome to the Alhaja universe, the cult of beautiful things.


Álvaro left everything to pursue his passion and, finally, he trained as a dance singer and, to this day, he works for what he fought so hard for, drawing his inspiration from scenes of everyday life.




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Can you tell us what you do professionally?
I am a flamenco singer; Although it depends on what I want to express, I put my body and my voice at the disposal of the artistic. Love.
«My career path has been progressive and tough.
I started relatively late and with many people against.
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How has your professional career been?
My career path has been progressive and tough. I started relatively late and with a lot of people against it. I came to Seville to start a university degree and ended up spending the scholarship money taking singing lessons. Little by little I began to give recitals around the city of Seville, at the same time that I combined it by distributing advertising for a company that barely paid me and pawning a small gold chain that I carry as a communion gift that my mother made me. Over time I evolved and I was trained as a dance singer, which allowed me to dedicate myself body and soul to what I wanted, to sing. Today I still sing for dance, combining it with some solo projects.

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What are your roots? Do they influence your work?


I was born in Andalusia, in El Puerto de Santa María. A small city, very happy and with a lot of sun. I grew up there and that influenced my expression, since flamenco is in every corner, in the streets, in the family, in friends, in the air...



What inspires you lately?


Lately, I am inspired by an old lady who starts selling young garlic under a friend's house by Tirso De Molina. When I go to Madrid I stay there and it is exciting to hear her sing and preach.




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What do you like about Alhaja?


What I like most about Alhaja, above all, is the design and style. He is delicate but at the same time has personality, 99% of his pieces represent me and represent my form of expression, flamenco.








You can follow Álvaro's footsteps through his instagram: @alvaro_romero.r



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