About Us



Thank you for your interest in our story.

Alhaja is one of the most beautiful Spanish words. It comes from Arabic language and it is use for describing a very precious object, generally a piece of jewelry. This word is also part of our roots and tradition.

Alhaja is composed by two persons: friends, partners and sisters separated at birth. If something defines us, it is that we are beauty hunters.

We are 34, Virgo, Tigers and Millenials. Lovers of perfection and simetry.

She is Maria, the sea, the creative, the romantic... she was born in Seville and she finds beauty in the everyday life, in her roots. Nature deserves observation and stress is a bad enemy for her inspiration. She is balance and comon sense. Creative respecting order and beuty of nature. I was born in Zaragoza and I manage the business in general: Purchases, Sales and Marketing. I love writing and painting; I am this kind of creative person that studied business because I didn’t know what to do. I do lots of things at the same time trying to adapt myself to this challanging world.

We found each other almost ten years ago thanks to destiny. Both of us were working for a Spanish fashion brand and we started to be friends. Then, six years ago we set up our first start up, a design studio for accesories. And one year ago we started Alhaja, our dream, mixed with our pasion and experience, made us believe this project was possible.

We support local economy and with our creations we would like to push sustainable consumption and production. We want to offerd products people really like, unic designs that can last for years. Quality is much better that quantity.

We design and produce in Spain where we also find our inspiration and, this is what we show to the rest of the world. Our jewelry 24k gold plated, so pieces last logner as if it was the first day.

Wellcome to our Alhaja universe. Cult for beautiful things.