About Us


Alhaja are two: friends and partners, soul mates and sisters from another life.

María, from Seville, finds beauty in the daily life of our roots, folklore and tradition with a contemporary vision. Balance and common sense. Creativity with a business mind.

Irene, from Zaragoza. Manage purchasing, sales and marketing. With a Business Management background but a creative mind above all. She is a multitasking person.

We have been working in the accessories business for more than 12 years.

In 2019 this project was ready to become a reality, Alhaja. Our dream, mixed with our passion and experience.

We believe in brands that promote values. Alhaja is a jewelry brand that worships the shapes of nature, folklore and natural materials, deeply inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its culture. Conscious of the planet, which is our starting and return point, we are committed to continue striving and improving business efficiency so that design, quality and sustainability are values that are always present in our development.

We support the local economy and with our creations we want to promote sustainable consumption and production, versatile and beautiful products that fall in love and last over time. Our vision: Quality is better than quantity.

We use cultured pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones. Designing each style with great care and maintaining our quality standards above all else.

All our factories comply with the Ethical Codes of Conduct.

We design each piece and 90% of our collection is made in Spain, where we find our inspiration that we transfer to the rest of the world with our products.

Our jewels are made of brass and silver and plated in 24k gold of 2 and 3 microns, so that they last like the first day.

Welcome to our Alhaja universe, the cult of beautiful things.