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Beatriz Arjona, @beatrixarjona


At Alhaja we try to give visibility to beautiful things that beautiful people do. This project wants to support artists who deserve to be seen and recognized. Every week we will tell you a little more about people who have a special gift and we will take a closer look at their work and projects. Welcome to the Alhaja universe, the cult of beautiful things.

Beatriz found in her profession, acting, everything she wanted to be as a child. She tells us about her origins, her professional career and her inspiration from day to day.





«I have always been very curious and have wanted to learn from
everything that is put ahead of me.»
Can you tell us what you do professionally?

I dedicate myself to what I have always wanted to be when I was only a child. When I was little and they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was impossible for me to choose just one thing: I wanted to be an astronaut, a teacher, a doctor, a pirate, a hairdresser ... Until one day I realized that it could be all that in a single profession: actress. 

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How has your professional career been?
Looking back, I think it has been and continues to be very enriching. I am never fixed in a place and everything is always in constant evolution, which brings me great satisfaction and learning. Each project, be it theatrical or audiovisual, opens a door for me to new experiences that I did not know. I have always been very curious and I have wanted to learn from everything that lies ahead of me; starting from there, you have to go step by step and moving forward. I am on it.








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What are your roots? Do they influence your work?


Each interpreter has their own tools to get closer to the character, but yes, in me there are images, smells and sounds linked to my roots: to the south, to the land, to the sea and the light of Andalusia. Although I no longer normally reside there, it greatly influences my work.



What inspires you lately?




I am inspired by the people who take to the streets to defend their rights. Those who, instead of sitting in front of the television consuming, fight for a better world, egalitarian, free and with awareness and respect for the planet we live on. I am inspired by women and I am moved by the humanity that I see on the street, although there is still much to do.



«I am inspired by women and I am moved by the humanity that I see on the street,
although there is still much to do.»



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What do you like about Alhaja?

What I like about Alhaja is that I share many of the sensations that its jewels convey to me; south, sea, Mediterranean, land ... the Arabic origin of the word. Also because it brings me to the memory of my grandmothers when they asked me if I had seen their jewelry. I like being able to carry these memories in the form of lasting jewelry very close to me.



You can follow Beatriz's work through her instagram: @beatrixarjona




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