Craft Tales - Agate

Craft Tales - Agate

Did you know?

In every collection we create we keep nature in mind. We use materials that connect us with Mother Nature, such as river pearls or semi-precious stones. Garnet and green agate are one of the main materials used in Atlantis, a unique and versatile semi-precious stone with a history and meaning that inspires us. 

Its name comes from the Greek word Achates, the name of a river surrounded by this stone. It quickly became a popular material, a source of creation thanks to its infinite variations. Agate was used for jewellery to represent power and as a form of protection for warriors who wore it in battle. Today agate is regarded in a more spiritual lense representing balance and stability. 

Frequently, jewellery has been the suited choice to receive the benefits of Agate as it is in constant contact with our skin. Our Agate chocker is made of Moss Agate which connects those who wear it with nature encouraging self-confidence and spiritual growth. Corazón and Mi Pequeño Amor pendants as our garnet choker are examples of Garnet Agate, linked with passion, love and dedication.  

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