Pearls, Josefina Necklace


Crafting Beauty: the Alhaja Experience

At Alhaja we take meticulous care of every detail of our jewellery. The design and production process ensures that each model is special for each one of you. We use materials that connect us with nature and help us to take care of it, such as pearls, a timeless beauty. 

Pearls symbolise the purity, generosity and wisdom of the wearer. It is believed that this precious stone attracts luck and protects. Did you know? the oldest pearl was found in 1901 in the sarcophagus of a 350 BC Persian princess. A precious necklace of 500 pearls of which only 238 survived. 

Throughout our lives, we have seen our mothers and grandmothers wearing pearls. A timeless piece of jewellery that adds elegance. We were inspired by that memory and that grace to create classic models with a contemporary style. In our workshops, we carefully select each pearl by hand, giving every piece of jewellery our personal touch. This process not only ensures quality but also creates a connection between you and us, making each piece truly special.

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